PPC Google Ads Management

PPC Google Ads Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Are you looking for a Norwich PPC Agency to help you set up and run a profitable online pay per click campaign? Then we can help. With over 10 years experience in delivering optimised PPC campaigns we can set up and manage a profitable campaign maximising your budgets.

PPC offers a direct and immediate source of traffic to your website. Normally our clients combine a PPC campaign alongside an Organic SEO strategy to maximise their search saturation.  An optimised campaign can bring real returns to your marketing spend by targeting visitors as they are searching for your products or services online.

We concentrate on getting the most out of your budget by constructing campaigns that are highly targeted. We work with your budget and search out profitable keywords that can generate you real business.

Our PPC Process

PPC Services designed to maximise your return on investment. Affordable Google Ads campaign set up & management. PPC Audit & optimisation.

Take control of your PPC Spend

We often take over projects from other PPC Agencies under-performing campaigns. We can run an audit of your current campaign to see how we can improve your ROI.

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PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC is the process used to show an advert within the search engine results pages for a targeted keyword or phrase. It has an immediate effect of driving traffic to your website, and you control what budget you spend on a monthly basis.

You can find more about Google Ads here.

There are lots of different acronyms that you will here when it comes to paid advertising. Below are just a few and an explanation as to what they are:

PPC (Pay Per Click) – An advert created to target search terms that when visitors click on it you are charged a certain amount for that click.
CPC (Cost Per Click) – The amount it costs you when somebody clicks your ad.
CTR (Click Through Rate) – The percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it.
CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) – The price you pay when your ad has been displayed 1000 times.
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) – The price that a set conversion has cost you.

Get a full detailed list of Google ad acronyms.

Costs vary depending on the size of each campaign. If you are targeting lots of different products and services the more work will be required to carry out the keyword research, ad writing and target page optimisation. We do however specialise in Google ads for small business as we understand that initial budgets are usually tight and we help you build the campaign as it becomes more profitable.

We currently manage campaigns that spend only £100 per month through to others that run at £15000 per month total ad spend. If you would like to find out how we can help with your PPC please get in touch.

Signing up to Google ads is relatively straight forward. You go to Google Ads Sign up page and create an account. You will be asked at this stage for card and billing details and a monthly budget that you would like to spend. You can then either share your account with us and we can take it from there or you can create your own campaigns and go it alone. The choice is yours.

If you decide to go it alone and set up your own campaigns we can take a look at it for you to make sure that it is set up correctly and offer you advice on how it can be improved.

Absolutely. In fact we carry out quite a few PPC audits each month. Some are very good, whilst others are underperforming.

If you would like us to run an audit to see if you are getting the most out of your campaign then get in touch and one of our PPC specialists would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

What next

PPC Services designed to maximise your return on investment. Offering affordable Google Ads campaign set up & management. PPC Audits & optimisation.

If you want a no obligation chat please get in touch. You can call us on 01603 339072 or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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