6 tips to improve your PPC performance

Using Google Ads PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase awareness for your brand and business. In order to get the best return on investment for your spend, management and frequent reviewing of your account is needed to identify areas where performance needs to be improved. Below we’ve listed six tips that you can use to help maximise your campaigns performance.

1. Keywords

The importance of keywords and the effect that they can have on your performance should not be overlooked. The ways that users search for your business or service can be very complex and change frequently. Therefore, it is very important to review the keywords used in your campaigns often, as this can help reduce costs and stop your ads for displaying terms that won’t lead to conversions.

Using negative keywords are a great way to stop your ads displaying for certain terms that you don’t want them to. This can be competitor names, services that you don’t offer or other information that isn’t relevant to your business. Therefore, it is a great way to reduce costs for less qualified leads leaving you with more budget to focus on terms that are converting well.

6 tips to improve your PPC performance

2. Goals and Conversion Tracking

In order to provide data and ensure that your campaigns are successful, it is vital to ensure that conversion tracking is set up correctly. It will help you to optimise your campaigns to relate to your business goals as you are able to identify which ad groups, ads and keywords are converting the best and highlight areas where others can be improved. The types of conversions you can track from your Google Ads vary but they can include phone calls, form completions and website visits.

3. Ad Copy

The ad copy refers to the text that is written as part of the ad. It is very restrictive with character limits for the titles and descriptions of each ad. Therefore, the small amount of text that is displayed needs to encourage the user to click on your ad and complete a conversion. It needs to be concise, whilst informing users about the USP of your business and how what you are offering is better than your competitors.

The copy also needs to be as relevant as possible, containing keywords to align landing page content and targeting. It should also feature attention grabbing headlines and CTAs to invoke responses.

By having highly relevant ad copy, you inform the user of what they are clicking on, making them a more qualified lead and more likely to complete a conversion.

6 tips to improve your PPC performance

4. Extensions

Similarly ad extensions help to provide the user with more information about your product, business or service. They tend to improve an ads Click Through Rate (CTR) as it provides that extra information and allows users to take action such as call, directly from the SERP.

Information that can be displayed includes address, phone numbers, ratings and other web page links.

5. User Behaviour – Device type

You can use device data to show you where the higher converting groups are and whether they are using desktop, tablet or mobile. This can then be used to tailor content and potentially add more ads to this group.

It is also worth thinking about why a particular device type is converting more than others, is it due to the type of product or service you provide, or is it because there are more extensions or callouts in one ad group than another?

6 tips to improve your PPC performance

6. Location

If your company is location specific or has restricted travel, then displaying your ads to customers that are in areas outside of your operating location is a waste of your budget as this is not your target market.

Identify where your target audience is situated and use location targeting to control where your ads are displayed, resulting in more qualified leads.

This can also help you to identify if there are patterns in spend from different locations, one area may result in higher conversions and therefore a slightly higher CPA is worth the investment. Ultimately, locations can show areas where your campaign may benefit from being split into smaller ad groups and have ad copy tailored to these.

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The most important part of being able to improve your Ad performance is monitoring. Looking at and identifying patterns and trends in your account will enable you to reactively make changes and monitor results. A highly optimised campaign will help you get more return on your investment and gain better visibility in search engines.

If you lack the time to manage your campaigns or would like more information on starting a new campaign with us, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team for a no obligation chat.

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