SEO Consultancy

Effective SEO Consultancy maximising results.

Looking for a professional, proven SEO Consultancy Service in Norwich, Norfolk? then look no further. KH Digital have over 20 years experience in producing well thought out and executed SEO roadmaps for all sizes of business. As an SEO Consultancy we have worked with small one person start ups, right through to corporate marketing departments.

Whether you are looking for somebody to put together a full SEO Blueprint or you are about to embark on a site migration we can help. See below for a full list of the areas that we can advise and help you with.

“Great training, Kris is very knowledgeable and knows his subject matter, well worth it.”

Nick, Collier Turf Care
“Thanks to Kris & his amazing team at KH Digital my business has exceeded its expectations in its first year. Highly recommend this company.”
Andy, One Stop Intensives

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Kris and Sara on a web design project. Pro’s from the jump, both really easy to work with. I wish the team at KH Digital all the best”

Luther, Norfolk Mortgages

Comprehensive SEO audits

We can carry out a full in-depth technical audit of your website to gain insight to any issues that maybe preventing your website from performing to its maximum within the search engines. We look at crawlability, indexing and other technical issues.

Our audits also look at the structure of your website and missed opportunities that will increase relevent traffic to your site. Our reports include full documentation and how to fix issues that are holding back your search presence.

SEO roadmaps

KH Digital can create SEO Roadmaps that align with your Marketing Strategy and business goals. These are mapped out in detail for you, or your marketing department to implement.

We can also set up bespoke Analytical Dashboards for you so that you can monitor your success and measure your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Roadmaps are usually created following a full comprehensive audit of your website, so that we are sure that we maximise your return on investment.

Next level keyword research

We carry out a thorough keyword research. Topic, intent and relevance are all taken into consideration when creating the keyword architecture of your website. Giving you a highly targeted website. We can also construct a solid content roadmap which will increase your EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust) signals to the search engines.

Backlink analysis

Full site & competitor backlink audits carried out. Spotting link opportunities and identifying whether or not your own link profile is healthy or requiring a clean up. Google discourages disavowing links unless you have actively been pursuing the purchase of unatural links using keyword rich anchor text. In this case a disavow may well help.

Website consultation

Looking for a new web re-design or looking to launch a new site? We can help by making sure that the structure and on-page SEO is maximised before launch. We can also help with site migration and domain changes to minimise traffic loss.

Pay as you go & retainers

If you are experiencing issues or want some one off help with your SEO, we offer a pay as you go SEO consultation service. Many of our clients opt for retainer packages that they can use as and when issues arise or whether they need some help with a paticular task, giving them peace of mind that help is available when they need it.

SEO Consultancy

If you would like to find out more on how our SEO Consultancy service can help your business gain more on-line exposure please get in touch.

Why choose our SEO Consulting Service?

We have over 20 years experience in deliverying effective SEO Services to all sizes of business in a variety of different sectors. We work on monthly campaigns in some very competitive market places and know what works, and what doesn’t. Our SEO Consultancy service draws on our years of knowledge which will make sure that you are only focussing your efforts on tasks that actually move the needle, and drives additional high intent visitors to your website.

Benefits of using an SEO Consulting Service:

  • Expert Knowledge Base
  • Get Better Results
  • Proven Approach to SEO
  • Performance Reporting
  • Saves Wasted Efforts
  • Increased Return on Investment

What Next?

If you are interested in our SEO Consultancy Service then please get in touch.

SEO Consultancy
SEO Consultancy

“We were recommended KH Digital for the new website and SEO work. Having been a little naïve in the past about the importance of SEO we are now seeing the importance and benefits it can bring to your business. Everything has always been very well explained by KH Digital and it is a pleasure working with them moving our business forward. Just wish I had found them earlier!”

Director, VITO® UK

SEO Consultancy FAQs

An SEO Consultant is somebody who has experience in Search Engine Optimisation.

They know how to optimise a website and implement influencing factors to raise the visibility of a business online. Their job is to analyse, review and improve a website so that it performs better in the search engines for visitors looking for a particular topic, product or service.

SEO Consultants work in different ways. Some will advise you how to do any necessary Search Engine Optimisation, whilst others (like ourselves) can actually carry out the required work as well.

It’s best to find an SEO Consultant that best fits your needs and budgets; as if you do not have much time to carry out the work, its probably better to hire one that will implement the required works.

An SEO Consultancy service should work with their clients in whatever ways serve them best. Some clients use retainer hours whilst others offer one off project advice and support.

Most businesses know the fundamentals of SEO and just require pointing in the right direction, so creating monthly strategies for them to implement in-house and monitor their progress is one way in which an SEO specialist may work.

Other businesses may already have SEO Campaigns operating with larger SEO agencies, in which case your SEO expert will oversee the program and make sure that they are getting value for money, and that the tactics being used by the employed SEO agency fit alongside Google’s guidelines and will not damage their online presence over time.

If you are a business looking to launch a new website, an SEO Audit on the website before it’s launch will highlight any issues that the website may have when it comes to crawl-ability, indexing, and authority within the search engines.