We were running a monthly SEO campaign on the VITO® UK website, which was originally built using the limited BigCommerce platform. Due to the limitations of this framework it was decided that to be able to reach our targets for search performance we would take on the task of redeveloping the website. Here is the story and process of how we developed VITO® UK a new, powerful and SEO performing e-commerce website using the WordPress and WooCommerce framework.

Skills Used: SEO, Web Design

About VITO® UK

VITO® is a German manufactured product & has their Head Office in Tuttlingen, an area known as the Black Forest & just over the hour from the Swiss border. Vito AG was founded in 2000, with VITO® UK being established in 2008 to serve the commercial catering industry including restaurants, hotels, fish & chip shops, takeaways.

VITO® UK are the sole importers of the Vito Oil Filtration system which is suitable for all types of commercial fryers including freestanding & fish & chip shop ranges. This unique, portable filtration system not only reduces your oil costs substantially but improves the quality of frying oil by prolonging the life of the oil.


Aim of the project

The aim of the project was to develop a new website that could not only showcase and sell the innovative range of oil filtration systems, fryers and accessories on offer from VITO® UK, but also be able to perform SEO on the website and see visible results in their search engine ranking positions and sales.

From our initial consultation with the VITO® UK team, we laid out a few key points for the design of the new site:

  • The branding to match their parent company, Vito AG
  • User friendly page structure and navigation
  • An area for blog content and articles
  • Ability to purchase their range of products
  • Various delivery options depending on the product
  • Extra functionality such as a savings calculator and live chat
  • To be able to perform SEO on the site
  • To outperform their competitors on search rankings

Other areas for us to explore were to build a strong brand from the new website to reflect onto their social media accounts. This would include designing the headers and running a social calendar which will showcase case studies, posts, products and the business in general.

The process

For the website build, we have used the powerful WordPress framework. WooCommerce was also added to enable Ecommerce functionality to the site, meaning that Vito UK can sell their products and take payments on the site.

The header incorporates an easy to navigate menu, with added search functionality so users can easily find products and related posts. Each page is rich with call to actions to increase customer engagement. Every page has a hero header section, with the title displayed boldly and clearly.

Each product category page has a hero header at the top, with the products being the first thing you see afterwards. This was done to improve user experience, meaning customers won’t have to scroll to find what they want to see. The product pages themselves are rich with content about the range of products that Vito UK offers. Short descriptions, long descriptions, downloadable brochures, specifications and videos are all on the site, giving customers all the information they require to make sure they are getting the correct product they need.

Functionality such as a live chat, and a custom savings calculator is included on the site.

SEO works included competitor analysis, keyword research and on page SEO optimisation to ensure that the website is targeted correctly, and will perform well on targeted keywords on search engines such as google.

Social media imagery has been set up, and implemented across their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. New headers have been designed, and a social media calendar has been set up for scheduled posts.

“We were recommended KH Digital for the new website and SEO work.  After an initial consultation with Kris I was looking forward to working with him and his team.  I particularly wanted a local family run business like ours as our work ethics are on the same level.  Having been a little naïve in the past about the importance of SEO we are now seeing the importance and benefits it can bring to your business. Everything has always been very well explained by Kris and the team and it is a pleasure working with them moving our business forward.  Just wish I had found them earlier!”

The future

VITO® UK have opted to take advantage of our website maintenance service. The Site40 plan they are on gives them important WordPress and plugin updates, security checks and extra support per month – all carried out by WordPress specialists.

Ongoing SEO and social media works will be a part of the brand’s future. Now we have the site on WordPress, we can focus on areas such as product SEO, on page SEO and add additional content such as blogs and case studies. These will increase relevance and strength to the site, therefore increasing their search positions. Social media posts will be scheduled and run on a weekly basis, informing customers of the latest news and products from VITO® UK.