N Richardson Ltd

We were contacted by N Richardson about developing them a new website, as their site had been hacked. They were getting little or no support from their original developer, and the site had completely broken, not working on most browsers.

Here is the story about how we built them a brand new website that will draw customers in with slick design, but also has functionality and user experience.

Skills Used: SEO, Web Design

About N Richardson Ltd

N Richardson Ltd are an agricultural sales and service business, based in the heart of Norfolk. The company was established in 2011 and have an excellent reputation in the area for providing a friendly and first-class service. N Richardson Ltd is Kubota’s key agricultural dealer in Norfolk, offering its customers access to the company’s market leading range of agricultural machinery.

They are distributors for both Suzuki quad bikes and Kubota Tractors, RTVs and other machinery, as well as stocking and supplying spare parts and used farm machinery.

N Richardson Ltd

Aim of the project

The aim of the new site was to build a fast and secure website with a fresh and modern design, which allows N Richardson Ltd to add products themselves. Clear user experience is a must, with an emphasis on showcasing the products that N Richardson Ltd have on offer.

From our initial consultation, we laid out a few key points for the design of the new site:

  • Website to be secure
  • To have a clear and user-friendly site structure
  • To be easy to edit and add products
  • Be an E-Commerce website but in catalogue mode so people can enquire about products
  • To be able to remove catalogue mode in the future for online sales
  • New branding using a black, orange and white colour scheme

The process

One of the first things we did in the planning process of this site was to determine an easy to navigate site and page structure for the site. Once this was determined we started building the website using the powerful WordPress framework, and creating an E-Commerce site by installing WooCommerce, which we put in ‘catalogue’ mode so customers can make enquiries about products, but not purchase online.

In terms of design, each page has a ‘hero’ section, with a clear label to show what page users are on. Product and service information is accompanied by professional imagery adding to the design and brand identity of the site. These pages also have the current products for that specific service area, which will populate as stock is added to the site. A black, orange and white colour scheme runs throughout the site, with a clean and modern responsive design.

In the footer, more navigation is present with large image links to the main product and service pages, as well as text links to each product, contact information and policy pages.

This website was hosted on our server, with an SSL certificate being installed, giving extra security.

Overall, we have achieved every aim and goal outlined in our design consultation.

“We are extremely pleased with our new website and the support we have received from KH Digital. KH digital have listened to our requirements and put everything into action.  Our website is now current, fully functional and easy to develop as our business continues to grow and IT advances. The IT support has been invaluable, the how-to videos worked perfectly enabling us to take ownership of our website, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KH Digital and are thankful for their support.”

The future

Due to social distancing because to the COVID-19 pandemic, we screen recorded a video showcasing how to add products and information to the site. This site will also be placed on our Site40 WordPress plan, meaning that the site will be hosted on our servers and they will receive 40 minutes of support per month. This includes website maintenance, updates to plugins, WooCommerce and WordPress, as well as any minor cosmetic changes to products and website.

Once the site has settled and has been indexed by google, we will be implementing SEO on the site. This will include keyword research, competitor analysis, on page implementation and measuring performance via google search console.