Avada 7.4 update: the next big thing in WordPress web design

Why WordPress Page Speed Matters

With thousands of builders, themes and plugins available, you can use WordPress to build a powerful website for any need or purpose. However, some of these themes and plugins can actually slow down your site which can have a drastic effect on user experience, and even your search rankings.

One of the most popular and best-selling premium WordPress themes is Avada. The most recent update of this all-purpose theme has brought in new performance options, allowing you to get the best site speeds and optimisation for your website without having to use third party plugins.

WordPress Auto Updates

What is the Avada Theme?

The Avada theme is an award-winning popular WordPress theme and web builder built and distributed by Theme Fusion. Although this theme is more expensive than others, it pays off with its vast array of builder elements, functionality and versatility.

This allows experienced WordPress designers and developers to build websites that are creative, functional and responsive.

The Avada 7.4 Performance Update

As with most WordPress themes, Avada has recently been updated to 7.4. This has incorporated lots of new functionality such as custom social media icons, gradient text colours and responsive alignment for social links. But the biggest upgrade in this update is the new performance wizard and options.

These new options allow developers and users of the Avada WordPress theme more control over the site speed and performance of their site. This includes disabling unused features, image and video optimisation, JS and CSS optimisation and much more – all which can be implemented by a helpful wizard to ensure you are getting the best optimised performance on your site.

WordPress Auto Updates

Why is the Performance Update Important?

Website speed and performance is an essential element of web design. It brings together two major areas that are considered when building a WordPress website – user experience and SEO benefits.

User Experience

The goal of your business website is to inform customers, generate leads and sell your products and services. Websites that are slow loading and non-user friendly can leave potential new clients frustrated, and ultimately will leave your site and try their luck elsewhere.

Page speed is also essential for mobile browsers. Although 4G and 5G speeds are now lightning quick, not everyone is in an area where these are available. If you have a large, clunky website it may take a while to load and navigate on slower 3G coverage areas.

SEO Benefits

Site speed is one of the factors Google and other search engines look for when deciding where to rank your page on search results. Since 2016, Google also announced that page speeds on mobile and tablet devices would also be a large factor in search rankings.

You can test your websites page speed using PageSpeed Insights, which will give you all the stats and potential improvements you can make to increase your websites loading times.

What will this mean for my WordPress website?

If your WordPress website has the Avada theme installed, then you can run the simple performance wizard. This will make recommendations of the best settings to speed up your website. Having these options readily available in your theme means that you may be able to remove other third-party performance plugins. As always in WordPress web design, it is recommended that you perform a backup before any major changes are made.

If you are using another theme for your WordPress website, or you feel that your site may need a fresh, new design then maybe now is the time for a change. KH Digital are Norwich WordPress web designers who can help rebuild your website.

WordPress Auto Updates

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