How much impact will keywords have in 2024?

It’s now the time of year when SEO agencies start looking at the trends for the year ahead and what will affect business visibility, their SEO and ultimately conversions. Keywords are one of the most important elements of targeting your campaign and site as they decide which words and phrases that your site will appear for. They are therefore important to be very niche to your market, business and product.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that users search for in order to find what they are looking for, which usually a product or service or an answer to a question. They are very important to Google’s indexing and ranking system as they help to provide a search results page that contains relevant information to the user and the search term.

For SEO purposes, keywords help to determine intent of clicks and searches so that you receive more qualified leads and therefore more conversions. If you can increase your search position to the first page of search results by using the most relevant keywords for your market then this will significantly improve the amount of traffic your site receives, as the majority of clicks appear on the first page of search results. Overall, make sure that your keywords have a high amount of traffic and low competition with content that answers questions and solves problems for the user.

How much impact will keywords have in 2024?
How much impact will keywords have in 2024?

Finding The Right Keywords For Your Business

Firstly, make sure you know what the purpose of your product and website is. What problems are you going to help solve? What are the benefits? Why should your company be chosen over your competitors? Define your target audience.

When searching for the right keywords for your businesses to use, one of the best places to start is a competitor analysis. This will show you which words your competitors are targeting and highlight potential gaps in the market that are not being used. In this gap there will be an audience, where you can then research these keywords more and eventually alter your page titles and even content to target these terms.

After looking at your competitors and finding any potential gaps, start to think like your audience as they are the ones you are targeting and to whom you are trying to make your site visible. Remember that depending on which stage of the customer journey they are on will affect how they search for your product or service. For example, users may know what they are trying to search for, but not know what to call it so search terms loosely relating to products, this tends to be more in the research stage. However, if you can provide the answer to their question at this stage, they are more likely to remember your brand and convert with you when they have decided to purchase at a later date.

Also, consider where your target audience is located. Locality may affect how people search and the descriptive terms they use. There are often different ways, phrases and even nicknames that affect how people search for the same product, just due to where they are located. There can be a vocabulary difference between the way Google’s index system works and the phrases and ways a user will search, as humans have many different ways that we would ask for the same thing. The algorithms and machine learning that Google has in place are set to become even better at semantic search and predicting what these phrases will be with updates taking place throughout 2024.

Things To Avoid

Keyword stuffing. Don’t get too carried away with your keywords and think that you have to use them everywhere in your content to be effective. Overuse will make your content and site read poorly, appear spam-like and may even put users off as the sales pitch may come across as too aggressive. Using highly targeted and very niche keywords in appropriate areas will have a much better outcome for your relevance and search positioning.

Heading into the new year technology will only advance further. Due to the highly accessible nature of the internet, this now affects how users search, they want quicker answers and to search fewer words. Overall yes, in 2024 the importance of keywords will still be high, but it is also more important than ever to monitor them and adapt depending on how people are searching as the internet and information become more accessible.

Will Keywords Still Matter in 2022

A good strategy for keywords for 2024 is to consider all the ways that people ask questions and the vocabulary they may use to do it, look at new trends and the way searching has changed and reflect this in your keywords by keeping them highly relevant and niche to your audience.

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