Tips to make your exhibition space successful

As part of running a successful business, it is important to market your products to potential clients. One of the best ways to do this as a small or medium company is to exhibit at trade shows and exhibitions. Here you can connect, meet and sell to customers and potential leads. It provides you with an opportunity to launch new products and services and reach a wider captive audience on a face to face basis.

Exhibiting at these events requires careful planning and preparation to ensure you can showcase your business and product offerings effectively.

Where to start? Below are a few suggestions to help set up and design your stand.

1. Set your goals

For you to be attending an exhibition or a trade show, there must be a perceived value or aim for the company. Think about what is the purpose of you displaying, are you after gaining more leads?, finding businesses that you can partner with?, or selling to existing clients? Use this to set a goal or objective for the event, and remember to make it measurable.

This goal is important as it should be reflected in your promotional materials and banners. A clear call to action should be on any take away material, as well as displayed on signs for people who take notes or photographs. The CTA should be related to your goal whether that be leads, sales or sign ups, make this the focus of your display.

Tips to make your exhibition space successful

2. Planning

First things first, remember to book your space. When reserving request sizes, the positioning of your stand, and how many sides are visible, as this can help you work out how many banners and large graphics you will need. Start to research printing companies and gather quotes for all of the roller banners, flyers, business cards and promotional materials you need.

During a trade show it is important to stand out. You want to capture the attention of people walking past your stand, as well draw them in. In order to do this, encourage people to come over and interact with you and invoke questions to start conversations. This is most frequently done by competitions, demonstrations and activities.

It is also important to think about how many staff members will be needed to man the stand and represent your company.

3. Promote

As you are going to the event to promote your business, remember to advertise that you will be attending. The best timing to send out reminders, ‘save the dates’ and ‘visit us at’, tend to be 3-6 months in advance. As soon as your attendance has been confirmed, it is worth advertising that initial timing. As the event gets closer, send out ‘don’t forget’ and ‘upcoming events’ so that your existing customers and those that are just becoming aware of your company can find a way to interact with you.

This can be promoted on your socials and website. Designing a banner for your site and complementary templates to be regularly released on the socials is a great way to encourage clients to come and visit you at the event.

Tips to make your exhibition space successful

4. Visuals

Remember, less is more. The average visitor will only spend 30 secs to 3 minutes at your stand. Your exhibition space should reflect the graphic design, business branding, colours and logos. Having a consistent brand identity forms a trusting relationship in which to base sales. Not only should it be branded but it should be engaging.

Position staff to comfortably greet and interact with people walking past and allow for space to give clients the opportunity to get hands on with the product or interactive elements. Also, don’t overlook simple requirements such as good lighting, you need to be able to see the products and information clearly.

5. Command Attention

Through the use of your material use bold graphics and images to showcase your products and encourage people to come closer. However, ensure key messaging, CTA and branding are the focal point of the material and do not become lost.

Product demonstrations, guest appearances, talks and competitions are one of the ways to attract visitors. They tend to be more memorable and encourage other passers by to stop and look at why a crowd may have gathered around your stand.

Tips to make your exhibition space successful

6. Make it memorable

If you are thinking of offering giveaways or competitions as part of your exhibition, think about your audience and make it appeal to them. The majority of people love a giveaway and it often increases footfall and creates excitement. Anything that people take away from your stand should be branded including leaflets and brochures and even gifts.

However, competitions should always help meet your goal. Often details are required to enter, giving you a marketing list in which you can send follow up and introductory material. It’s also beneficial to encourage social sharing to create a buzz, particularly if the event is more than one day.

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If you would like any help creating exhibition banners or marketing materials then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly design team who can create and advise you on the best elements for your needs.

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