Tips to improve your social media branding

Social media is a powerful tool used to help market your brand and stand out from the crowd. It can play a major role in promoting your website and services to your target audience whether they are local or situated around the UK.

The most commonly used platforms tend to be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business, all of which have a large user base that engage with and advocate for brands. They enable businesses to connect with their audience, providing users with content that they can engage with which therefore presents an opportunity to show your branding.

What is branding?

Branding is a way of building awareness and forming an identity for your business. It helps create an image that is easily recognisable and generates trust within your target audience. It also enables you to stand out from competitors through original design, bold ideas and a consistent feel.


As social media is a touchpoint for your business, users are likely to expect it to look in a certain way that is reflective of other touchpoints for your company. By having a consistent look and feel to the imagery that represents your brand, it becomes recognisable to your target audience and elicits familiarity and trust.

In order to keep a consistent look it is advisable to create a brand visual style that is used throughout your business, whether that’s on the website, logo, profile pictures or banner. This guide could focus on using the same colour palettes, text, imagery and spacing.

Tips to improve your social media branding

Basic social media branding

When using branding on social media there are a few important considerations. If images are being used as a banner, there are size constraints that will change the way your image looks. The banner refers to the image at the top of the social media platform, it is used to show a visual representation of you or your business displaying products and offerings.

It’s more appealing when images are clear and in focus with limited image stretching or distortion, it suggests that the business is detail focused and cares about its appearance. It also ensures that all key information is displayed on the image and no important elements are cropped. By using the correct image size, your photos will be optimised for each social channel feed.

It is also possible to create post templates. These can be made with custom sizes to fit both Facebook and Instagram, giving you an area to place imagery and information about products and services. This would create an appealing and consistent feed for your audience, where they would begin to recognise your posts.

If you need help creating social media branding, then our effective graphic design adds value, professionalism and consistency to your company, please get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

Create recognition

Enhance your visual branding further by ensuring that you have the same colours and fonts reflected in imagery and graphics. After seeing this consistently your audience will begin to identify and associate the post to you without having to see your logo, brand name or visit your profile.

This is especially important considering the amount of imagery a user can have in their feed images and stories.

Tips to improve your social media branding

Provide value

Infographics are a great way to provide value to your customer without posting massive amounts of heavy text that can be lost in a feed with more visual content. They are suitable to display educational, entertaining content and communicate messages clearly and in a more attractive way. This makes infographics more appealing to click on in feeds and encourages shares and engagement.

Due to their visual structure, they can also be branded with your colours, shapes, pictures and messages resulting in an effective way to facilitate brand awareness.

Establish your voice

Videos are another effective medium used on socials to capture engagement. Text and messages displayed should show personality as well as the brand voice. A brand voice is a distinct personality which is used through all of its communications. This again should be consistent, aligning with company values, personality and vocabulary.

Any text on images, descriptions, posts and replies should be written with this in mind so that it’s written from the same perspective.

Tips to improve your social media branding

Social media branding services from KH Digital

Social media has now become a necessary way of advertising your business and engaging with your audience. It’s a great avenue to advertise your business through and so is essential that your page looks the part. Our graphic design and social media services can help you with everything you need from cover images, post and website graphics, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team for a no obligation chat today.

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